Crit Forum

A couple of weeks ago i spoke to some people on blenderchat about setting up a forum with stricter guidelines about posts kinda like cgtalk. This would mean that you can get much better critiscism, which is more useful. Ive set up the forum and all i need now is people to join and use it.

Even if you dont think its going to work i ask that you please give it a try as lets be honest we never know what could happen. At the moment i have posted a list of rules and guidelines in each forum on there but i am flexable and if anyone has any requests / suggestions then please post it the “Chit Chat” forum.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I registered. Is the name “harsh crit” just temporary?

Everythin tempory atm, the name, the layour, the structure, the rules. I need more feedback from you guys to see what we need. Lets get some art going and some good crits going and see what we come up with.

I appreciate your ambition.

I get really, really, sick of fanboy comments when there are obviously major problems to be pointed out. I try to be as honest, which is why my sig is what it is.

I think this influx of, “This is perfect!!1!one!” comments is to blame for a lot of poor quality images in finished works.

HAHA! I just read how you called CGTalk a “sadistic forum full of assholes.” Aside from people who bash Blender with stupid reasons, I haven’t ever actually had a problem with it. WTF?

yeah the people at CGtalk were really nice to me about my tank.


it was a good work they couldn’t say anything else… I bet they bite they’re maya lips when they heard it’s blender…

i am so over people bitching about this…

i am so over people bitching about this…[/quote]

Ditto. I’m also over people coming into other people’s threads and saying “oh, guess what software he used!! you’ll never believe it!! Blender!!! isn’t it so [email protected]&[email protected]!!!!”. Posts like that generally hijack a thread away from the main point of it - showcasing someone’s work. If someone wants to mention what tools he used, leave it up to him to do it himself. Crit and appreciate the art, not the software.

exactly the point I wanted to convey.


Instead of “bitching” about it why don’t we GASP HORROR OR HORRORS* learn to use blender like the pros use their apps. Like @ndy, bgdm, robertt, and many others use blender. We can too, just takes practice and people critting you really really hard :wink: