Crit needed on my First Blender Project:)

Hey everyone!!!

I’m brand new to blender and have been using it for about one month now.
I decided that i wanted to model and render my guitar in a photo-realistic way.

Please let me know what u think and any tips and tricks on improving my work would be much appreciated:)

Oh and one last thing. I tried to run a render in yafray but the photo material on the body of the guitar goes colourless. Does anybody know what it is I’m doing wrong and how i could fix this, cos I would really like to render with yafray to get photo realistic lighting.

Thanking u all in anticipation:)

Awesome work dude!

nicely modeled

I’m not that knowledgeable about yafray so maybe someone else can answer that question

I think the lighting could use some improvement - but if you are going to use yafray, the lights behave a little differently than the internal renderer (again somebody else might be able to help)

So I guess I just wanted to say…nice one

COOOL!!! thanks man!!!
ya, i spent quite a bit of time cos i wanted to get it exact without cheating.
thanks for the tip on the lighting, def think i need to play around a lot with it to get it looking good:)

Shanks again:)

Not a bad first model. Only two crits really with that part, being the absence of the inlays on the frets (1st, 3rd, 5th and so on) and the body needing a slight bevel on the edges (not sure if your guitar is that straight on the edges, but my Fender acoustic has a beveled edge on the front side). As far as the Yafray problem, make sure your image texture is in jpeg format, I can’t remember the useable formats for Yafray since I haven’t used it in so long, but I know jpeg is one of them if not the only the one.

Realistic lighting is more than possible with the Blender Internal Renderer however with just a bit of work, and the first thing that usually helps that along is ambient occlusion, which can be found in the World settings. Other than that, good start, now it just needs a more entertaining scene to be laid in.

Yafaray supports 4 different image formats. I know jpeg is one, I think tga is another, and the other two were ones I’ve never even heard of.

I agree about ambient occlusion. Just mess around with it, it’s a pretty cool feature.

Great job on the guitar too, and an even better job on the textures. It’s WAY better that what I was making after a month. But, then again, I was mostly programming, and only modeling when I needed a break…

cool man!!! thanks a lot for the crit, the inlays are the next thing to come:)
i have ambient occlusion on but i don’t think i set the energy value high enough.
I’ll def have a look at what img type my material is, with concern to yafray cos i think it is a png and i guess that would be the roue of the problem:)

Thanks very much for the support and help Midian:)

yippee, thanks a lot for ur input and praise :slight_smile:

It looks very good, man!
I’ll tweak the lighs a little, maybe using a sun+hemi, or if you wanna use yaf(a)ray (that’s the active branch of YafRay, by the way) you could use some emit meshes, or an HDRI environment. :wink:

Nice guitar! I tried to make an electric some time ago… that didn’t turn out so well.
I do agree that you need those dots on the frets, but great work!

Hey guys!!!
Sorry haven’t updated in so long, just been working solidly on a design protfolio for an animation college i plan on going to next year:)
Thank u all so much for ur advice and input. I incorporated everyone’s crit to produce this final render…

modelling: blender
render: yafray 0.0.9

In total the guitar took a week. I also modelled my i-pod but this only took a day to complete from start, which just show’s… practice makes perfect:)