(MrPatel) #1

A simple little guy im working on for a school project:


What do you think?

(Alltaken) #2

simple but good!!!

simplicity often does the trick!!
much easier to do well!

the guy will look pretty good once done :smiley:

(adyus) #3

i have just one think to say: you read my mind! I was just starting to create a “xiao-xiao-like stick figure” and animate two of them in a cool karate fight. I already have the plans for the moves. I only need to make the skeleton nad the stick figure. Is there any way you could send that .bled file my way? Pleaaaase!!

(Bapsis) #4

Look good so far!!!

You know what this reminded me of??? The gingerbread man that they did for the movie Shrek, i bet with a little texturing you could mock him up to look just like that…or however you want. :wink:
Keep on working in Blender, itz fun isnt it? :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(MrPatel) #5

Thanks guys.

Heres a .blend


If you get it rigged could you send that on over?

(adyus) #6

hey thanks! you bet i’ll send it over. to tell you the truth, i’m not so good at skeletal animations, this is my first try. I didn’t even make a walk cycle so far…any help, tutorials or material would be appreciated. anyway, try searching for “Lightwave 3D REF” on google to see where I got my idea from

(MrPatel) #7


good tutorials

Anyone here good with skeletal animation, my project is due this coming up monday, and it would be great if someone could rig it.

(S68) #8

Sweet :slight_smile:


(adyus) #9

S68, what did u mean by sweet?

(S68) #10

I mean that it is a cute, nice, little thing.


(adyus) #11

oh. I thought you meant either the project i’m trying to make or the REF trailer. You do know what ref is, don’t you?

(S68) #12

I was talking of original MrPatel post… herm… no… what is REF?


(adyus) #13

if you don’t know what REF is, you can’t get a mental image of what I want to do with the gingerbread man I recieved from Mr. Patel (thanks again :slight_smile: ). I never thought such things are possible. Well, this guy IS a University student…while I’m still in junior high…(but not for long :wink: )

anyway, what am I rambling about, here is his site: http://www.pazur.3d.pl/REF_Home.htm

sometimes it’s slow, so if you just want to dload the trailer(hint hint :wink: ), click below


just click on REF in the upper header

(MrPatel) #14

I have an updated crit with the skeleton, i tried assigning the vertices, and it doesn’t turn out the way i want it. Could someone give it a shot?



(adyus) #15

hey, I know I’m lazy, but what the heck! at least I thought about the moves. I’ll give it a shot with the skeleton, maybe setting the weights would set it right.