Critic check on my newest model. A three headed dragon

I changed the paint job again. Updated the normal map, spec map, metallic map, rough map. Is it right to use that diffuse map for all those?

If you have not yet done it do a search on youtube for “normal maps blender 2.8” or/and “pbr blender 2.8”

They teach me about the different maps used for pbr and how to make normal maps. But there really isn’t anything showing me, the ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way of doing things.

I think I’m just on my own for discovery.

ok so I decided to change the paint job. This time it looks different. I used the black white paint job for the spec, and metallic. The roughness was 30% using a texture map. I blended the bw image into a tangent normal map and used krita to combine that into the high rez sculpt normal map. I then gave the diffuse color using krita. The paint job needs work but not certain how to fix it. First thing is the color.

What about this one? Changed the color and color levels. changed the normal map.

I decided the last paint job was ugly. I decided that it looked better when it was green. So I decided to repaint it.

It’s the final painting. I’m tired of painting this thing. The mouth needs to be colored.
Next i’m going to change the eyes. After this I should be able to rig it.

After rigging the model and fixing the eyes, I decided to change the dirt level on the paint.