What ever happened to “Gameplay and story is more important than looks and graphics?”:confused:
I was going through games and stuff on this forum and I see people saying crap about how some games look. . . I was kind of taken aback by this. :confused:

Expectations have changed from the consumer’s point of view. Just one of those things we all have to accept. But you can get around it in a number of different ways. The one I find most useful is to not attempt to tackle something that is blatently outside the scope of you artistic skills. Doing so, simply hurts immersion, speaking from and artsy perspective. I recommend studying a style of game where the art aspect is within reach therefore it will not harm the gameplay. Sounds counter to your expectations; gameplay first then art, but I’d definitely keep it in mind.

Are you a teacher? :open_mouth:

Nope. Just some of my general opinions. Hopefully it got you thinking about a gamedev’s problems from some other directions.

Everybody loves beautiful things. Feedback and criticism from other people will helps improvement. A good gameplay games wont die easily. They’ll get modded like Falcon4, 7.62, Homeworld, etc.

Most experimental gameplay will have weird/artistic graphics/representation because mimicking “reality” visually are time consuming.

Weird/artistic games graphics don’t have to be ugly. How to know its ugly? Ask around. If 90% said that that graphics are ugly, there are high probability that they are correct.