Criticize my Skull

Hey everyone!

I’m sculpting the skull, it took me about 3 days.
The goal wasn’t to get it anatomically correct, but just to sculpt a good and fairly realistic looking skull.

So I want you look at aesthetics mainly, I’ll be more than happy to hear any suggestions to improve the model.

p.s. The proportions matter the most to me so critic on them would be especially useful!



very nice styleced skull! I think you have to put some superciliar arch, and study a little more the mouth area, but the proportion are good, and it has a nice personality!

Thanks man! I’ll work on that

I think proportion-wise, this is pretty damn good! If I’m being picky, the upper jaw looks a tad too long, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in that assessment since I’m not great with anatomy.

Honestly, I think this could be a great skull if you focus on clearer detail and edge crispness. Keep on keeping on!

I will just enlarge a bit the side of the head… But mostly i think you can increase the level of detailing specially on the jaw, it is a little bit to much smooth there. now that the big work is done.

But overall really nice

Even though it’s not meant to be realistic, I would make the hole of the nose deeper and give thickness to its sharp edge, like I did for mine But that’s just personal taste.

@jakeh14 Thanx! that’s helpful.

@Lane Thank you! good points.

@ChameleonScales I’ll definitely consider that!

That’s a really great piece. I would add a little bit of roughness to the whole thing, it’s just a little too smooth.

I think it’s great anyway!

@Devil_Dog thanks!