Criticize my work

Hi everyone,
I’m making a game called ‘Racing Eve’ and nowadays working on cover art. Please criticize my work.

Stylized cars look bad when composed on a realistic backplate. It looks like a simple copy paste into a photograph. Also the cars seem to have hard shading on them.

The Cars look nice, and identifiable, since they’re low - poly, consider sub-dividing once, to have mode detail and, then Start making the game, From there - - You’re ready to get into programming and, ’ game mechanics ’ - –

I’ve already started programming. I’ve completed the driving mechanics and currently working on the racing system and tuning system. If I make a sequel in future, I want to make those cars smooth shaded and more detailed.

I don’t know how experienced you are with using 3d models in games. I certainly didn’t do it ever myself, but I can surely say that good topology is very important. Trough the hard shading I can already tell some Ngon faces and those will make problems when subdivided / smoothed.