Critics for my Archviz Exterior work

Hey Guys this is my archviz work & I would to hear some critiques:

Blender ; Cycles ; Gimp

First pull windows in wall 4cm, now they are to fare out. Remove bubbles its not time for this post level yet :wink: add bevel to concrete and tiles. Render bigger picture if possible.

The entrence/bottom floor should be higher. The house should be deeper, to the back sode, by some meters to host more then the starcase and one room on each floor. Remove the way to hard vignette…

thx ola you are very helpful & this is the raw render :

Go fix the issues :wink:

Looks nice. Is this a sunsky or an HDRI background?

as already mentioned, the windows should be integrated to the wall. They now look like they were placed right on the wall.
The ceiling on the top balcony is lower compared to the other 3.
The right brick wall (which is holding the also thin concrete piece) seems a bit thin to me. If this thin wall whout hold the concrete just from one side it would break. Maybe add some connections from the concrete to the main building or make the brick wall part of another building to make it a bit more realistic.

thank you cerfribar

nice. Is this a sunsky or an HDRI background?

i added the background with gimp ( like you see in the raw render it’s Alpha )
but in lighting i use sunsky

I would keep the sky we see in the image the same as the one you use for global illumination as a rule of thumb, it adds subtle changes to lighting the scene that may seem insignificant, but when stacked up with other realisms, it helps to add validity to the scene. That said, with a clear sky as you are using, that effect is diminished somewhat.
I also agree about the wall on the far right, changing it to concrete might help, without altering the geometry. The other ideas posted above all need addressing too, as well as some texturing issues, like the low wall in the centre bottom of the image, and variety of textures all round.
I think some midrange objects (more trees?) might also help, behind the tree on the right. This would help with believability, as there is nothing there at all at the moment, but combined with DOF, would also help with overall depth.
I think there are some scaling issues too.

Make the road lighter, add some color variation, and details. Also, the door and windows don’t reflect anything, there should be something on the other side of the road.