Critics needed!!

Well, i started modeling a futuristic vehicle, and i thought i 'd begin with one of the engines…

so, here is a simple render. Oh, btw: don 't judge me too hard: its my second project ever…

Nice start man. Now before you start adding other parts to the ship, detail that engine to death :). Lots of little nobs, plates, wires, box like things, and so on. Good luck

thats a good advice i guess… xD i’ll work the engines out first and after that i’ll start modelling a ship. :evilgrin: :yes:

Please leave your comment :spin:

Another update:

Looking good keep it up. It looks like you may have some doubles though. Go through the meshes that you’ve spin-duplicated and hit w-remove doubles. keep the pics coming :slight_smile:

thanks… yeah: i saw that! mainly in the pipelines


For what i see, it’s really highly well detailed. I’m wondering if are necessary (geometrically speaking) those little screws in there? i mean, it could be bump mapped instead?

what screws? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, my english AND my mechanical knowledge…
I mean the rivets, sorry :wink:

well i guess you mean those ‘rivets’ in the small circles in the ring around the engine…

could be… but why would i? it 's lot more work for someone who has never worked with bump maps: i have to learn the basics of textures and stuff… so it’s kind of a lot more work for me now :slight_smile:

But it will speed up things rendering wise and it is never wrong to learn a new skill.
Take it as an oppertunity to learn something new.

true… but… i like to do things in order xD

1: learn decent (clean) modelling: at least basics (check… i’d say) [Finish whole racer]
2: learn to use materials right (next step)
3: learn to use textures in combination with materials

Simple material… better one coming up :slight_smile:

Right now busy with some fluid tut’s >> nice shit xD

And another image

It’s amazing how well blender can make things look real, The second to last image in the first post looks like a R-E-A-L plastic model, (omg!!!) It always surprises me, good job Elessar!

(btw i say plastic simply cause thats what it felt like to me, maybe it’s cause there isn’t anything else to compare to? i dunno…) =)

I really need some critics on the WIP so far… :rolleyes:

The highly glossy finish on the casing and ring outer surface would be unlikely in a real engine – no use for it. Looks like an enameled surface or extremely high-polish metal. Most turbine casings (it looks like a turbine, at least) are of spun metal, I believe, or stamped to shape, and have a lustrous but not glossy finish.

Scale is indeterminate – now might be a good time to start introducing little clues to scale, like labels or human-readable sticker-type thingies (like "Don’t stand here when this thing lights up! :wink: ) that will put a human-sized element in the model.

Lots of symmetry still – think about breaking that up with things that aren’t mirrored across an axis. Fuel feeds, vacuum hoses, cabling, lots of mecha-bling kinda stuff.