critics on some noob modelling

These are some of my first model renderings from a couple of tutorials. I’d like some good critiques, and possibly ways to fix 'em, as I’m pretty noob-ish and would really like to get better.

A BIG thanks to

my bet is you haven’t gotten many comments becasue no one can find anything to say – these are really good - the only possible critique is the brown paper material around the coffee cups - it’s kind of splotchy and not too reminiscent of cardboard…

Otherwise, Great work!

Thanks a bunch, daren! Stuff like that helps me improve a great deal. To be honest, I was starting to think people weren’t posting because maybe it seemed like a “fishing for praise” ordeal. :confused:

I definitely agree about the splotchy, almost paper-mache look. Gonna have to fix that. :slight_smile:

Is this made using the Blender Internal renderer or using luxrender?

If you’re looking for crits on modeling, it would help to post wires.

You could show the wire render to see your edges, and also will be nice is you tell us what render you use.
I mean the wire is just to show the polygon detail and the render is to know is you’re using Blender internal render or other like LuxRender, yafaray