critique acceptance

Hi , it’s not good for the artists to reject and deny criteque , specially when the critique is polite and valid , not naming the artist (if the term is still right) in this thread , actually he is from another forum , but this means that he is loser , the people who don’t accept critique (not only in art , in general as well , are always losers ) , don’t know if some people agree , or totally agree or think that it’s not that important matter .

Being able to accept critique is a personality quirk that largely relies on whether the person even watned to be critiqued or not. Me, personally, if I post something as a WIP and I dont ask for help, just becasue you offer it doesn’t mean your idea will get implemented. Now, depending on how you worded your critique, it could very well come off as an attack instead of constructive critisicm. I have a personality “quirk” myself, bipolar, so usually when I feel I’m being attacked I’ll over react irrationally, so you might get an eye full of attacks directed back at you…which may or may not have been appropriate.

Now if I’m looking for help, this all relies on if I like your idea or not. I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can when looking for help. that way I can make a good judgement on what the best course for my work is.

Most people, even though they’ll ask for the criticism, can’t handle it. They aren’t used to people “tearing” apart anything down to the last detail in thier lives It’s just the way the world works.

critique acceptance is not your strongest point, do you talking to yourself?

I no longer crit /commont on peoples works anymore for that exact reason.

I’ve been to forums where the owner has personally said how my comments /crits are very good etc… to the point he was writing (stealing) articles based on what i’ve said on the forums for the main site, for example ‘focal points’. Then the next week I get banned because all the kids join the forums and expect to be parised like their parents do and kick up a fuss.

Every now and then I lurk and make suggestions here, and it always seems they never listen (even if I am very polite about it… Ironically, they seem to pay more attention if you are a bit nasty). Some people are just a waste of space IMO. Especially some of the more experienced blender users who obviously just come here for the ego.

The only time i argue against a comment is for something stupid like “you should add colour” when it’s a black and white image. Or, 'it would look better in colour". or “i dont like women with orange eyes, blues my fav colour so make them blue and it’ll look way cool / better”. Or, you make a piece emphasising on say, depression and they say “ths image looks to depressive, make it more happy and colourful”… Seriously. Wtf…


Good Response >> “Wow, I didn’t see that at all or I probably wouldn’t have left it that way.”

Bad Response >> “OMG everyone makes mistakes stop picking on me!”

Good Response >> “You know, I tried that, and I liked this better”
Good Response >> “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for the next one.”
Good Response >> “Thanks, be we seem to have different standards of beauty – I’m not going for supermodel today.”*
Good Response >> "Thanks, but I’m more interested in critique on the execution than the design / characterization.
Good Response >> “It’s good to know that some people don’t like this part of the design, but I feel that it’s just not it without it.”

Bad Response >> “But it’s ART, I do whatever I want, you glorify me.”

Good Idea >> Waiting before writing a response to a critique if you feel annoyed, upset, angry, or insulted.
Bad Idea >> Writing a reaponse to a critique as fast as you can because you feel annoyed, upset, angry, and insulted.

  • (I’ve noticed a fair number of posts in response to female character models / faces which already look fine or even have character, which seem to be operating under the premise that we should be attempting to create the same perfect women that society is currently trying to steamroller everything in media into – the same society that feels justified in calling a size 12 woman OMG a FAT COW. Also, while I’m at it, could someone inform the pro game character artists guild that breasts are not spheres? Kthxbaie. Minirant over).

No, there cones or if you wanna go even lower poly, pyramids!

Anyway, I think crits are taken so harshly sometimes because its being typed out. If you could actually talk to the person, maybe some people wouldn’t be so defensive about it. Some people take some statements as attitude, when it really wasn’t meant to be. I, for one, do not understand why people get so mad about people telling them how to improve, its the only way you’re going to get better.

Yeah. I also don’t under stand why people see “I like it but I think it would be better if you did X” and “I like it but Y stood out as less good than the rest” as “I hate it and I want to kill you.”

Or at least, “it’s not good.”

Read ALL the words, people :slight_smile:

It’s always best to suggest instead of saying it should be this way or that. Then let the person decide what action should be taken. It always does well in a position of work. Everyone have there own reason and we should leave it up to themselves to decide.

i don’t waste my critique here because i normally charge hookers or cash.

… LOL good statement

The best response to critique is “Thanks” - no matter what the crit was.

I usually just try to give crits on the technical aspects of a model or design, not any sort of stylistic / color type stuff unless it’s really obvious. poly flow, layout, composition, how easy an image is to read, stuff like that. I’m not about to tell a guy “hey I think this would look better with such and such added to it” unless I think it would absolutely make the image. And even then I’d probably send that in a PM, just so there’s no risk of getting whomever defensive about anything.

Really, in an honest to god art course you have to develop a thick skin. My dad used to rent studio space when i was a kid and I learned a lot from those guys at the studio, but even tho I was only like 10 or 11, they would totally hand me my ass when I would show them stuff. “This is wrong, that’s wrong, you got two left hands here, you got no perspective, etc, etc”. It was nice, cause my dad was too easy on me. I guess ebing a kid, and this being in person, I was a lot less likely to snap back at these guys, but had I ever done that I doubt they would have continued to help me so much.

Brilliant post, 100% correct.

I gotta say, t ere are far too many artists(and people in general) who walk into any given field and say " Hey, Im new, go easy on me".
I try to make a point of walking in and saying “Rip me apart. Judge me by the industry standard”. If youre going to give me false praise, I dont want it. I want to get better, and I have no problem getting told my stuff sucks for a while, because Im just that much closer to perfection. I want the straight and honest truth from people. If you like it, Id love to hear it! If you hate it, let me know, because thats important info. If theres one part thats ruining the whole thing, tell me for goodness sake. Not saying anything isnt avoiding hurting my feelings, its doing me a disservice.

Getting babied doesnt do anyone any good. Ever.

Quoted for agreement. I constantly struggle with taking critiques well (which includes seriously considering them, not just responding with kind words). I’ve found that it’s a lot easier if, when I present something, I do it with a mind-set of actually wanting critiques. In retrospect it’s blindingly obvious, but it takes getting used to. And I do still struggle. Just when I feel like I’ve got it down, I end up getting defensive again.

I think all criticism, graceful and polite or not, should at least be considered.
But there’s nothing worse than an artwork designed by a democratic comittee. In the end it’s up to the artist whether or not to take on board the criticism.
As a side note…
A big mistake people often make is ignoring a hypocrite. The reason this is a mistake is that a hypocrite generally has an intimate knowledge of the subject they criticise, whether they realise they’re being hypocritical or not.

I am as irritated by ill considered praise as I am by ill considered criticism.