critique/comment for first archi-blender render project

hey y’all this is my first blender mat’l/texturing project. its for my job (design/build office) im trying to replace their 3dmax with blender…so here’s my first try…

how bout some crits/comments/advice and all that good stuff?? don’t worry im not sensitive…well im not that sensitive.

its not 100% blender cuz the office insists on modeling in acad - such is life %|

but one step at a time eh?..btw the design of the bldg isn’t mine and i can’t change the bldg design on this proj.

now that i look at it up close (lol, sorry but i just started rendering and posting out of excitement - first project and all) i see a few set smooth issues, i gotta color the stucco better (between mustard and grey), and i missed the trim+planters in my texturing…ugggh sorry bout the self-crit…k thats all the renders ill post for now

btw…thank you everyone for ur help with various pjcts along the way…ppl like fligh %, nobody, spin, luminarchis, yellow and whole host of others - just priceless…im sure ill be needing more of ur help in the near future

It looks good to me. Tweak the lighting to match the sky and get rid of the CG feel. Try
Decrease asphalt roughness. Find a 3-tone foliage texture, everything is way too green. heh, my 2 cents!

under world button

Try turning on ambient occlusion, set the samples to 16, set buttons to add and “sky”

in world panel, set the colors to a very pale blue.

start the render at the end of the day, should be done when you get back.

k…i think im gonna use this to learn braybaker…think thats a good idea - im reading up on it, seems pretty complictaed :o

im on 2.4…py2.4 and psyco…does psycho help THAT much?

wow that was gr8…me too an architect…learning the ropes of blender…could u give me some tips regarding the gr8 lighting and texture mapping…and how to render such architectural images…i am confused over how to light a highway i have modelled and am going mad.

whoa… this is no model to try to use BRayBaker on. I am simply suggesting you turn on ambeint occlusion, and give it a light blue hue to simulate ambient light scatter, which causes object to look much more real.

BRayBaker is really for low-poly models… and you certainly would not want to UV unwrap that entire set-up, and BRayBaking would take months for one test run.


cool man, thanks, nice save…so for architectural projects like this baking textures is not an option? am i doomed to render times 5 min and over with raytraced shadows…???

is there something related to baking textures/shadows that i CAN do…btw NeOmega nice work on your other posts u b da man.

BRayBaker is best for game engine models, low poly with detail baked in.
It can also be used on lowpoly model substitues when renderign a long animation, it could significantly reduce the time to render a 5 minute animation, from taking 20 weeks to render, down to 2 weeks.

NOW, IF you were going to do an architechtural, real time walk through, then yes, BRayBaker might be useful… but I don’t know if any real estate agents do that… yet.

5 minutes is not long for a render. A model with that high of polys, and AO (ambient occlusion) at 16 samples, OSA (antialiasing) at 16, and raytracing, I would expect a 1024x768 to take at least a half hour, if not more. That is why you do test renders first. Then when the tests look good, you do the big final render. (half an hour is kind of quick, I think, I really do not try photorealistic still images often).

Thank for the compliments on the models too. :slight_smile:

hmmmm. so it would take FOREVER to bake my textures right…

…is there a way to to like a reverse 360 degree panorama (im sure there’s a word for this) so instead of being in one spot and turning arount, i want the camera to look at the building and then be able to rotate the camera as it looks at a fixed point (basically fly around the buidling in realtime)…

…i checked the forums but im not sure what to check for (duhhh), ive seen this done in quicktime vr (in addition to the 360 degree panoramas)

shift F maybe?

lol, thanks - my fault for being unclear…i wanna be able to do export something like a 360 degree panorama to quicktime…but instead of rotating from a fixed point i want to rotat around a fixed point - whats that called, and are there tutorials for that…???

…hey chela, sorry i didnt notice ur post - thx for the compliment but im hardly the guy to go to for advice…search for my posts (i dont have that many, and i asked the same questions u did, and the real masters sent me to the right places)…

for my textures and stuff i downloaded 3ds max 8 demo a few months ago, and just used the 3ds max 8 textures and bump maps…u can find a good asphault map and bump map there. then i added a cloud procedural to just about everything. some cloud procedurals were black/white, some shades of green for grass…thats about it…but i got a loooooong way to go %|

thanks again - blend on!

Perhaps you could make the camera to follow a circle path and track it (ctrl-t) to the building?


…but how would i export that as a quicktime vr (or other vr)? ive never exported a vr - is it like a panorama, cuz therz tuts n even scripts for those - if so can i find a formula/tutorial (but not a tutorial for like a skybox or a cubic panorama)…

i wanna open up quicktime and pan around my model as if i was doing it in blender with ctrl-t…i just dont know how to get from blender to there, cuz its not technically a frame by frame animation…at least i dont think.

<btw im adding some candy from the repository, ill post some images soon>

It seems that there’s a quicktime vr exporter for Blender:

Check out this too:

thanx 4 replying…what i really want 2 know is u r lighting setup. please send me the details as my lights are coming out all wrong. and btw did u render with yafray?

Might I suggest 3DNP as an alternative?

YES! thats EXACTLY what i want, thank u sooo much…awesome, and no pluginz just java? purrrfect.

ok here is another pick - just ever so slightly different from the first round. i took out the bldgs and am gonna put in different ones - im trying to see if i can render this in 2-3 scenes and composite them…sequence editor is the key for that right? anyway im reading up on the sequence editor and blender compositing in general right now…

<its just raytraced, 7min to render, (i tried to go “FULL” on rendering with AO and “Unified Render” - but the next morning my comp was crashed - i think its cuz of the unified renderer, but im not sure>…the stupid cars add another 3-4 min of rendering time on their own

…c&c always welcome of course, and if anyone has a golden ‘must read’ referring to postproduction/compositing etc plz lemme know :slight_smile:

I don’t mess iwth unified render, try the AO again… it really will add a realistic tough to your scene.