critique/comment for first archi-blender render project

im rendering it again with AO now (it took 2 hrs last time) and now im trying it with the new Intel Optimized Blender 2.4

…but im having sequence editor/alpha woes.

i read a bunc of tutorial/manual stuff on the sequence editor. from what i understand i would be best off rendering the grass then the buildings then the site then the sky etc as their own individual renders with alpha channels.

but im confused. if i render all the grass and then say the the building with its walls and stuff - it’ll just fall on top of grass and not “in” the grass - it wont look the same…how do you suggest i layer my renders so i can composite them correctly?

I am not sure how true this is, because AO needs everything together to calculate how they cast shadows on eachother. Sequnce editor… I don’t know much about the sequence editor, but I think if you are only rendering parts at a time, you may be missing the larger effect of global illumination lighting.

here it is with AO…turns out that “road” was an irrigation ditch…

…the water doesnt look so good, and it still doesnt have the right “feel” any other ideas??

…does anyone else have ideas about whether or not i should try and composite this scene in the scene editor, and if so how can i keep the building and the grass looking the same?

<btw. this time i rendered it with the new optimized for windows blender 2.4 and upped the octree to 512…my rendering time went from 2 hours to 10min!!!>
[edit: i just tested it with AO and the 512 octree on UNoptimized 2.4…it rendered in 18min]

ok, changed the camera angle, upped the resolution and added different buildings…ooooh, those buildings are terrible…time for another round…

all right, ive kinda abandoned the sequence editor based composition idea (except for maybe the sky)…i cant figure out how to composite stuff like where grass goes and stuff like that.

i have a new question…i would like to do something like this: (the one with the edged lines and transparent building)

…i like how the edges shoot are on object inside the building and through the faces. i read how using unified render and “all” is for seeing edges through transparent mat’ls but its not working for me (z-transp or ray-transp) mat’ls

…so how can show the edges through my building, through the trasnp faces?

…and also general critique is welcome

I am very impressed with your work. Did you say that the original modeling was done with blender or some other program?

3DNP is a great program for putting pseudo 3D models on the web. It requires only that your viewer have javascript running in thier browers,which most users have and do not know it. But the point is very little set up on the viewers part. Which gets your model seen without hold up. I will be using it all the time as well as vrml for detailed,true 3d walkthroughs.

wow! thanks for the compliment!!! im super new to blender, if it wasnt for i would be soooo lost <thanks for answering like 3-5 questions a day for the last month all>

…sorry the architectural model is acad (im moving all the office archiviz to blender from 3dmax, but the architectura modeling is istill autocad-that is until blender gets on-the-fly snapping!)…but the grass and the ground and the other buildings are blender.

im about to learn how to use lsystem tonight so i can model some custom trees+bushes…

i have to teach blender to the staff in one more month, and i only have one more month to finish learning it :o

i wish i could crank up the photorealism a few notches, though, im kinda stuck…maybe the trees will help

…im checking out 3dnp now - ill post something as soon as i figure it out…do you have any work you could show me? walkthroughs n stuff?

k here’s the first one from 3dNP…sorry bout the bad images…

im rendering a different one now - this one was to choppy and non-linear - im tring a pseudo walkthrough using a screwed vertex (well a screwed vertex that was later rotated, scaled, subdivided…) as a path for 3dnp.

chela: sorry, i keep missing ur posts! ok my lights…

i got one sunlight with only shadows, one sunlight with no shadows and one hemi light.

the sunlight is light orange - the hemi is light blue.

check my posts - my blend on one of em and it has all the settings and stuff - make sure your lights have their distances set up correctly.

hope that helps

…oh yeah, im not using yafray - i tried but just on basic with no GI it started taking FOREEEEEVVVVEEERRRRRRR, i think im gonna have to take some time and learn more about yafray.


heres the zip with the new spiral based path 3dNP ‘animation’

i wish i could improve the grass in the more photoreal renders…the setup i have now (particle grass) has my system majorly stressed so i cant make it more dense with that method…any suggestions on how i could do that?