Critique+help needed for animation project

I am making a short (7 sec.) animation of a medieval soldier shooting with a crossbow.

However, I just can’t seem to get the lighting right in Eevee. I did some compositing, but I’m not satisfied, because the entire scene looks too… simple. Like if it needs better lighting. I can’t achieve the result good enough in Eevee, but I’m forced to use this render anyway due to render times (Cycles will take forever to render this scene, while Eevee do the trick in 2-3 sec.).

Need some focused critique + help for this scene. Thank you in advance.

Try placing area lights inside the room and use light probes to bake bounced lighting.

I’m not going to use Cycles anyway, because of the entire scene needs to be done in Eevee due to render time.

What I want to do is to get those sharp edges on the floor from the light coming in from the window (arrow slits). It somehow won’t let me do this in Eevee.

What am I doing wrong? I placed a Sun lamp, and several light probes at the slits. But I don’t get sharp contrasty shadows, I get these smudged, very soft shadows and also some light where there should be none near the wall.

Can’t share the scene.