critique me please

This is the first blend i have completed. I would like some constructive criticism, this model seems to be a dead end way too many vertices for animation. Any way she was supposed to be a little cartoonish been kicking around a story a long time in my head and was wanting to try my hand at animating it. I have been trying to go through and reduce pologon counts but think it might be easier to just start from scratch and rebuild. Any advice is welcome.

Looks great except the face seems a little flat. Try pulling the part of the face from the cheeks too chin out a bit.

thanks, I had felt the face looked a little flat myself, but its quite three dimensional think maybe it’s a combination of bad angle paired with my attempt to pull off a toon shading effect but i might just try pulling it out more see what it nets me.

knees look bent inward maybe just slightly too much?