Critique my Low Poly Demoreel

Hello everyone I just want to share with you my low poly demo reel, and I want critiques and most important…ways to improve it, I’m sure there’s a lot to improve, because I’m not very convinced about it but this is as far as I can go without any external critique from people who actually do it for living.

Finally, What do you think is better show to work on a video game company? (I’m looking for characters mostly)

Here is my demo reel:

Better models?, more complex character?, variety?, just 2 or 3 very good?, Thanks in advance.

I think your chances of being hired lie more in your ability to produce content quickly. If you can produce that quality of content in a relatively short time frame, you’re in the clear, and nowadays it depends more on the field you’re thinking of producing for. If you’re headed toward mobile, those are the kinds of poly counts studios like to see. If you’re headed more toward console or PC, the sky’s the limit.

Also, your demo reel is awesome! I dig the velociraptor, as well as the second mesh. Everything is looking pretty neat and tidy.

Thanks!, but apparently is not enough for gameloft, that’s why I’m asking some advice, what do you think they generally look for?, I was pretty sure this demoreel could give me a job position, but now I’m a bit dissapointed.

I like your demo, especially the second creature and the raptor, as Seawasp said.
The other 2 low poly characters look a bit too low poly and flat. It just doesn`t work that well. The topology is not bad but there should be some more details if you plan these for pc games. The main problem on those 2 characters is the texturing. (you painted only color info)
My best advice is to google ‘pc game characters’ wireframes and textures for reference. :smiley:
I wish you luck.

I hate to be the bad guy in this, especially when you have worked a lot on this and I don’t have anything to show off but… I think you need a reality check.

If you want to work as a character artist, you’d seriously need to concider adding in an example of your character moving or being animated at least. To show that the capabilities of both your modelling and the quality of your topology.

Hate to say this but your human models are below par( the last one was ok ), the bug models aren’t that interesting and the raptor looks like it’s been stuffed.
Everything is devoid of life and emotion or just looks bland.
The next problem is that your topolgy is horrible, the characters are just unriggable. ( Look at the elbows for example, no way that you can bend those without your mesh collapsing ).

First of all I suggest you keep up the work, it’ll improve over time.
Secondly, take a look at some other professional models of more recent games, study the topolgy.
Try to create a character that is animated.
Study some history and learn a bit about how people were clothed in certain eras, this’ll help you to dress up your characters a bit more lively and it’ll give them some personality.

I was about to say the same thing than McBuff: Show us some movement! Everybody kinda expects your characters to move once they get their full colors. Nothing extreme… They don’t need to run off the screen but they must look alive. And fix the rotation of the turntable for the second lowpoly character.

Don’t worry you’re not the bad guy you’re the honest. (also, I posted this ready to receive the most hard critiques), really this is almost what I was expecting, I mean, I didn’t feel self convinced about my work like I said, and I knew something wasn’t quite right or doesn’t reach the standards, but I needed critiques and opinions.
To McBuff: I noticed the rotation problem after the render was done, but I thought, well is not very noticeable :D, I was wrong.

Thank you guys I will improve my demo reel keeping in mind your suggestions.


Do you think is a good practice to copy famous video games characters to show in a demo reel?

The model of the first person was pretty well done, but what I noticed first was that the clothes were flat. A couple wrinkles here and there would help that part of it look better. The position of his hands also make him seem like he’s frozen, rather than posing (I think the McBuff’s suggestion on giving your characters a pose would help a ton! :slight_smile: ) But overall I like the character.
The insect creature needs some posing, too. The texture was great, but the way it’s standing makes it seem almost cartoon, instead of the creepy look you seemed to be going for.
The next person seemed okay until i saw the face. Low-poly or not, it needs some depth. The first thing people look at is the face. If that’s wrong, then the whole models seems off. And a little pose doesn’t hurt :wink:
The raptor was great! Loved the modeling, looked great (again, a little pose to make it look more believable) And maybe tone down the shine on the skin texture. It makes it look plastic, instead of like reptile skin.
And the last character (wish you had shown more of it!) Was modeled great, and it had a pose that made it feel more real! The cloth in his hand had wrinkles, too, which made it look better.

Hope that helps! :smiley:

Any critique/suggestion/compliment (In that order :)) helps, you’re right they look like frozen, to be honest I thought making a pose to each model, but then I saw bones and skinning and laziness is hard to deal, also I really needed to finish at least something, the quickest as possible (because I procrastinate a lot). regarding the velociraptor, you’re right it’s too shiny even my brother told me about it but I ignored it, last character was created exclusively in zbrush and dynamesh and I think has not a lot to do with low poly modeling that’s why is in the last part of the video, the intention was only to show that I can sculpt in zbrush.
Last but not least I have to thank you for taking the time to read and for your suggestions.

Missed this! It’s great practice to go copy the work of someone who knows what they’re doing (video game modelers are a great one! :wink: ) It’ll get you an idea of how a character is supposed to be put together. And if it’s a famous video game, that’s likely because it’s well-done. (Assassins Creed, for example) Like AlinB said, go look at some character wireframes. They helped me loads when I was trying to get my people to look right :smiley:

Hi Valcar!

Do you mean taking other peoples’ work and putting it inside your demo reel? Or copying a pre-existing character and featuring it in your reel? The first one is a definite no-no. Prospective employers/clients will be watching your reel expecting all the work to be yours and yours alone. The second… well, to be honest, both ideas seem wrong to me. You want your reel to be about you, not about somebody else, and not a concept that you copied and put in your reel.

There’s nothing wrong with picking apart professional work and looking to see how they did it. There’s nothing wrong with building a model that looks identical to it. But putting it inside your demo reel? I’d shy away from that, but that’s just me. Ideally, your reel is about you. It’s your introduction to the person you want to hire you. If you put a model of Lara Croft in there, even if you built it yourself, it’d seem like you’re uninspired at best, a plagiarist at worst, and either one will probably kill your chances of being hired in the face of a reel that features original character design and models.

Again, that’s just my suggestion. There are many artists who are very successful who started out making copies of stuff. And everyone needs to get inspiration from something, but the very successful artists almost all have exciting, visually stunning reels plumb full of awesome, original stuff of their own creation.

Other than that, keep it up, you’re better at character modelling than a lot of us, and there’s a market for low poly stuff! =)


Ehm, sorry for misleading question, I wanted to say if it’s good to “copy” but in a way like: make a new class of hero in diablo 3, something in the same universe but not to copy 1:1 the barbarian or any other class, for example. Let’s take the second model the small warrior, my idea was to make something similar to how characters looks in Final Fantasy III remake, very low poly, of course I’m not as good as they are but well…hopefully someday.

Of course it’s not a very good idea to show 3d models of other people on your portfolio, it’ll make you look like a thief with lack of creativity or imagination in most cases. that’s why I’ve created original characters on mine.

Anyways thanks for your words!:smiley:

Oh, okay! Sorry I misunderstood your post. I saw that and I panicked a little! =D Your stuff is pretty good. Keep it up, and you’ll be producing even better stuff sooner than you might think. Don’t focus on how long it’s taking. Just focus on getting better, and it’ll happen so fast you won’t believe it. =D


It seems to me that if you’re looking for an entry-level type post, and if you make it clear that you’re looking for that, your reel sells your stuff fairly well. What I would do is to shorten it by about half, and to cause the camera to fill the frame. Spin the figure around one time, quickly cross-fade to the full paint-job, spin once more, fade out/in, and on to the next one. Poly counts and other information on the right side or the bottom is a good idea. Give each figure a descriptive title.

My eye particularly noticed the texture of the light as it played across the dinosaur’s back. That was good.

I’m not entirely sure that you want to rig the models and show them moving because that takes more time and may also block easy viewing of your attention to graphic detail. As long as it’s clearly apparent that the figure is riggable, you might not need to actually rig it. Spending less screen-time apiece, on more models, within the space of one measured minute might be preferable…

Thanks for your suggestions, also I’m with you about rigging it, it would distract the attention to the animation rather than looking all the details, but as someone said on top is a very good idea to give each piece a dynamic pose.
I think that is the most critical thing about showing static 3d models, give them a purpose and intention, hehe too bad I realized it after.

thanks, but sometimes I get despair because I’m not working right now on what I want (well honestly I’m not working at all). but hopefully soon, when I improve my demo reel and I get what I want.