Critique my materials?

I don’t have experience making materials and I’d like some critiques\suggestions for my materials.

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Is your intention to mix materials with cartoon appearance with smooth shaded ones?

yeah, like maybe the beanie, bandaid, and maybe skin to look a bit more realistic and the horns to have a translucent glow effect. like the middle of the horns would look sort of like glaciers but inside the ice there is something glowing purple.

maybe something like this

Well there is not very much to see about the materials… The shoes are very realistic, but we can’t see the shininess of the sole or the fabric of the violet inner mat. On ear rings seems to be metal or a gem (?) the other als ometal but black… The collar os … an image? Anyway: do you wanna make the woven fabric of the cap, T-shirt, trousers visible? The horns are part of the chara or the cap and what kind of material. I suggest a close up collage of the mats. (Don’t want to nitpick, just telling because the last pic… is totally different i style to me.)