Critique needed all you Battletech and Robot Fans

I would really like a Critique on these from all levels of expertise
Hatchetman unadorned, this is fan art and I have not quite got the camera right he is about 20% shorter than the image shows.

This was done in Cycles

This one in Blender using transparent materials

the colors were used to differentiate parts


some of my other works can be seen at but I’d like to stay focused on these for comments and critiques


first created using Google Sketchup 8 free version but I grew frustrated and imported it into Blender for better control.

Done in Cycles

Done in blender

It is a good start. I know it is a robot, but it is a humanoid figure. I would change the proportions a bit. Also, I would put different materials on different parts. I would also try to think of something distinctive to set it apart from all the other robots. Good start though. It could use some expanding though. Three or four iterations. Keep changing it around.

Thank you pcolapat, for the critique, the difficulty is that it is a specific Mech from a specific Game so I have to stick with the proportions but I do believe you hit the nail on the head with materials, A paint job is definitely in order I have other angles and renders of specific parts that look better but I do not want to be a hog with the posting. I will work on the paint this week, again thank you pcolapat