Critique needed on cycles procedurals textures and sculpts please

Hello guys - I’ve been busy creating a range of bust-sculpts and applying realisitc procedural textures to them in the hope of creating a materials library for myself. I will then be able to apply any material to any new sculpts… I hope!
Please comment on the accuracy of the material, the difficiencies of the sculpt and any other tips you can give - I am still quite a noob after all!

You can also go to here to view them

and I’ll post node screen shots as requested

In wood

Carrara marble with subsurface scattering

and a polystyrene model

Many thanks

hi sanjay, nice to see you posting here too :slight_smile: i like the wood, styrofoam is good too. the marble does not look really convincing. marble needs strong lightning, good is to have a strong rim light, or from behind…and sss can be pretty strong… and, yes, i like to seee the nodes for the wood (i had yesterday commented on your blog regarding this red wood, but the comment did not appear? also my other comment vanished… sorry, i probably made a mistake)

when uisng SSS you need to have a good light behind the model

can you show us the node set up for the polystyrene !

for the marble i think it needs a littel more texture unless you really wanted to show pure smooth white marble!
would be interesting to see some texture on it !

you could also try to use some sort of dirt map !

looking good
happy cycles

Thanks for the tips Ricky, I found setting up SSS lighting a bit tricky, so I guess I’ll have another go at that
I’ll also add a screenshot of the nodes for the polystyrene as soon as a I get a chance
The marble is meant to be quite pure and white (ie. carrara marble), but I agreee with your point - it needs someting to help bring out the depth

Appreciate your comments…

not certain here but i you google this amrble{2B5D0E67-1468-4FEB-B241-6ADEE925741B}&mid=30434648e4ba75cee9997ece393c26d5-800500bf6e21983de918ef50f679fa5cf91e34f8&lang=en&ds=AVG&pr=fr&d=2012-09-27+17%3A31%3A53&v=

i mean yours looks only white not textured at all
but if you like it it is still nice looking

happy cycles

The materials look good.

Just a comment on the polystyrene model: I think it would be quite difficult to achieve that texture by carving into a block of foam, it is just too crumbly, and heat or solvent carving would change the surface texture, therefore, it must be injection molded. So the model should be suitable for removing from a mold: no undercuts (nostrils, some locks of hair by ear). Multipart molds would leave seams across the surface.

For all those that asked, I’ve added the node setup for the cycles expanded polystyrene here…

and also added it on blendswap

Thanks Orinoco
Of course you are correct about the model - but this is my ‘default’ test model at the moment, so I try it with everything! I agree with you though - probably not realistic given the contours of the mesh
Thanks for your input. Sometimes its easy to get lost in the effect, without realising that such real-world limitations should be taken into account

trying to make the polyste work
what is the basic size like a cube or other size?


The basic size of my model was about 4 x 6 x 4 (w, h, d) blender units
I just adjusted the 2 noise scales to find the correct looking dimensions for my model
Hope that helps