Critique on lighting

(Felix) #1

I’m currently focusing on improving my lighting and thought this scene from a few months ago is a good representation of where I’m at.

My concerns are that the coloured lights are too dull for the effect I was trying to achieve but pushing them much brighter messed with the rest of the lighting. Would the solution be to edit the colour in post or is there a better method than the area lamps I’ve used?

Anything else that you think I could improve on is also welcome.


(Pastean Narcis Dan) #2

Your scene is perfect for a volumetric efect like this not just rising fog

And another think that could improve your shot is:

  • technicaly the moon is very far away and it should result in small or big edge glow around your whole scene not just the corner ones. your human has no light contour around it neither do the branches near the moon
  • im quessing thats the moon because if its a alien globe in the middle of the forrest it doesnt seem to light anything around it just some tree edges that aren’t the same color

Also a refference phone would help allot

(sundialsvc4) #3

An important consideration to me is, “watch out for opaque black or blown-out white.” I would add a fill-light source behind the cmera which sheds a small amount of colored light upon the front trees, while letting the mid and rear trees go into silhouette. I would consider the position of the moon and consider possibly having a cone of moonlight proceeding from the character to the front of the frame.

I also like to use “cropping L’s” to see if there’s a picture within the picture. For instance, while writing this I scrolled to crop off some of the foreground, with the effect of making the character somehow seem closer and the overall shape of the scene tighter.