Critique on my first attempt on sculpting

Hi all

I am still a bit new to blender, but I have lately tried to put som effort into sculpting, and I have made my first serious try on a headbust. I wondered if you could give me your critique on this?

I have also tried to do a retopology on this thing, the old fashion way, just so I can get the basic on this. I followed some tutorials on this, of course, but I really feel I made a mess on this. Could you guys please tell me your opinion on this as well, and tell me how to do this better? :sweat_smile:

I greatly appreciate any comments on this :slight_smile:

No one to comment? I would particulary liked advice on how to do better topology. :slight_smile:

First thing, proportions are off, the face part is huge compared to the cranium. And the shape is too “blurry” and softened in all the wrong places, not enough attention for bone landmarks like cheekbones or eyebrow ridges. I recommend you to follow anatomy references as well as diagrams of the main planes of a face

Topology is passable I guess, except the strange poles around the eyes. Eyes should be surrounded by loops as well

I can’t give much help on sculpting but with the retopology, do small parts of evenly spaced and sized polygons and use the smooth vertices operation (ctrl+V menu) to help with smoothing out the topology.

Hi man. I am same as you only start to sculpt. I’ve heard that only practice can reach to higher level. I start with cartoons cause it can close eyes on a lot of mistakes.

By the way. I use addon for Ramesh named QUAD REMESH. Very useful. Can safe a lot of time. However quit expensive((((

Wish you luck

Yes, I clearly see your point. The cranium is deffinetily to small.

I was going for a young female face so I tried to keep the features smooth, but I probably went a bit too far here. Scared to go bold :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip, GrimZA. I tried smooth vertices, and it cleaned up the lines a lot! It went a bit crazy around the earlobes, thou. So I masked the ears out and tried again. It looks much better now!

Thank you Bogdan. Yep it was a messy first start, but I will get the hang of it :slight_smile: I would like to do it the “normal” way first a few times, just to get the basic in shape, but I will look into addons at a certain point. Thanks for the tip, thou. I will check out quad mesh.

Proportions are off as mentioned above and first thing that got my attention was the eyes and then the shape of head. When sculpting trying to gave big shape first then you can add small features like eyes, nose, ear, mouth.
Female head can be challenging for a beginner since the shapes are not clear, I suggest to sculpt a male bust use references. Another practice that I was doing was sculpting something daily, i will break the head sculpt into part, one day i will sculpt eyes, another nose and so.

Here is my first character →
After years of procrastinating i can achieve this →

Keep pushing and remember to enjoy the journey
Happy Blending :slight_smile:


So I don’t know whether you’re aiming for realism or not, but if you’re not, then this isn’t a bad starting point at-all. As a stylised piece, it works pretty well.

When it comes to topology, or re-topology, then I would definitely take a look at other peoples work. There are many videos out there on facial topology, and there are many ‘standards’ which are generally agreed on. Evenly distributed quads, loops around eyes, mouth, etc…Look it up - you’ll find a lot of info.

If you are going for realism however, then a few good things have been mentioned above already. I’d definitely second the idea to ‘keep it simple’ in the initial stages. Blocking out basic shapes first is essential. It might not be as interesting, but it’s much easier, especially at the start.

I have recommanded this video several times on here, and although it’s in zbrush, the general techniques can still be easily translated into Blender.

Also, if you’re open to spending some $, then I would look into this Blender course by Kent Trammell

I’ve not done the course myself, but I’ve been following it since release, and I’ve seen some super impressive results from those following. It seems very comprehensive.

But yeah, hopefully that’s something resembling help lol.
Keep going! :smiley:

Maybe inconsequential, but what really helped me with perception when sculpting faces was setting View > Focal Length to something like 90mm.

Also when doing retopo you can move and smooth vertices with… sculpting tools. There are a few quirks one has to consider with this method, but it can be really handy.

Thank you for your critique. Lets just say I went for a stylized female head, as realistic as I could :smiley:

I will take a look at that course. I have some ambition of being good at this, and that course looks quite comprehensive.

Yep, I tried some sculpting tools, like smooting. It did fairly well on the soft surfaces, but wreacked chaos on corners and complexities. So use with care, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
90mm sounds smart. I will do that.