Critique this sculpt

Hi everybody. Working on a project that could bring some great opportunity for me. So I would really appreciate if everyone would critique this sculpt.


Was it created in blender? And what did you mean by opportunity? About the model, very nice. Not much to critique really. She looks sad, and that flower in her hair really adds something to the sculpt.

Thanks Nivos, Its meant to make you think or get you thinking. Her expression is very subtle. Made the sculpt in sculptris. I am going to do something called crowdfunding Hopefully this sculpture will generate the founds needed to buy a new system specifically for blender.

She is beautiful. it’s hard to critic. Her hair. that’s it. Maybe refine a little bit the jah. awesome.

The sculpt is nice. I`d suggest to check the fiber mesh for hair if you have zbrush.

Nice sculpt nice flow nice character and expression.

Thats zbrush viewport by the way, you can tell by the cavity shading

Do you have reference images?