Critiques, feedback or suggestions please

Hello, this is one of my first renders and I was seeking some feedback for improvements

I think it looks great. I’m not a trained artist, so I can’t say much about composition, but it’s a very interesting picture. Kinda random haha, I don’t know why there’s a katana and lamp in field of butterflies and floating bubbles, but I’m sure you have your reasons.
The only critique I would add is that the biggest bubble on the top left doesn’t look completely round. There appear to be some flat edges along the top left side of the bubble. Not sure if this is because of the reflection/refraction of the butterflies, but it certainly stands out, to me. After noticing that one, I looked more closely at the others, and I think they all have the same issue. If you want a suggestion; try adding a subdivision surface mod to the bubbles, just to make them look that much smoother.
But still, a really nice, fantasy image.
Also, I’d like to pose a question, as I’m not sure myself - is the hilt of a katana that curved?