Critiques for my first proyect in Blender (Inside Render)

Hello there! To keep the long story short: I have tried to learn Blender since last year, every time I intended to watch a tutorial, I give up at half. BlenderGuru (God bless Andrew) tutorials are so wonderful but my slow head just can’t digest any of it.

I came of SkethUp and his family friendly interface. So, everytine I opened Blender it was like a punch to the face, I didn’t understand a thing and honestly it was super intimidating.

I give up 6 times. 6 TIMES! Many times I face the amazing work of artists make on Blender in the social media. I told myself I have to tried too, I have to. So, I did.

I did this scene in a week, tutorial after tutorial, tear after tear, hands in the head with desesperation (Drama yes, a lie no) So it took a week but actually it tooks almost a year and half to be here. Is not perfect and it has mistakes, but is here.

I will take any note about the look of the materials and lighting (Things I don’t understand very well yet) And anyone knows how to make a translucent curtain? Cuz I don’t.


Hi Jorgelis,

I think laptop material is too reflective, you may want to increase the roughness value. Also I would lower the bump value for the floor and make the curtain thinner.

You can use translucent shader for curtains (or mix it with principled shader like below):

As a long time SketchUp user, I feel your pain but UI gets populated with extensions pretty quickly anyways if you try to include features that Blender already enabled by default. :upside_down_face:

Good luck with your Blender journey!

That is pretty decent for your first work. Don’t give up, you’re on a good way. I second the recommendations of filibis.