Critiques for Wired Racer

I have done some work lately on composition. I lack experience so I relay don’t get the composition and lighting korrekt. I think this time i got it somewhat all right.!

What do you think about it? To much pink? :stuck_out_tongue:

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nice work …!!!
i would suggest using different colors, but the differents of the color value is enough !!!

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“Holy Tron, Batman!”:smiley:

Y’know, in this shot you are going for something that is purely abstract, and intended to look like something that’s on an old-style video screen. (Your choice of colors balance together very nicely. The “pink sun in the distance” is a terrific touch.) Don’t be hard on yourself because you really can’t get this sort of thing “wrong.” After all, “this is your world, do with it as you please!”

I think that you have done an excellent job with this, right now.

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Oh nice! Somebody knows Tron!
Yes I was inspired by Tron a little bit ^^. I didn’t know that the sun might be so terrible, but you never know.