Critiques needed/ Still life with alarm clock


Hi there!:grinning:
I’m pretty new to Blender and this is the first render I decided to post publicly.
I would be happy to receive your critiques, guys.
I’m not fully satisfied with the result, but I don’t think I could do it somehow better at this stage. Thats why I would be glad to get some advice.

I’m mostly warried about lighting and texturing, it’s the hardest part for me.
I used a three-point lighting. Three planes with emission nodes, cold key light, warm fill light, and neutral back light. Maybe it’s not the best variant for a scene with shiny reflective objects?

I’m posting here a render which was adjusted in compositor and a neutral render.

(Jack) #2

The first thing that I noticed is that the wooden table just sort of ended and there is a black/grey background behind it. I don’t know if the table needs to be longer or if the “wall” needs some decoration or a brighter color? Second, the grain of the wood on the table is flat. Last is I get the feeling that this clock is near a window and the light coming from the right should be brighter, as if the sun is coming in during the morning. As you said, you can tell that the light is not quite right and I hope that I’m onto something about the window.

Otherwise, I’m very impressed by the textures of the metal, the right varnish on the pipe and the overall photo quality of the objects. I think you are going to make it exactly what you imagine!

(sundialsvc4) #3

The first thing I noticed is that _“yes, I can believe that this is a real clock and a real smoking pipe … not so sure about the pages of the book.” The still-life would reasonably be set in front of a dark velvet backdrop and on a tabletop that I surmise is formica.

The absence of shadow being cast by the legs seems a bit odd, although I know that this often occurs in real life with small, spindly objects. The texturing of the bell, vs. the body of the clock, is very nice.

In short, “very well done!”

(Michael Kimber) #4

Wow this is really good @vaukalak :slightly_smiling_face:. How did you manage to do the texturing of the clock face? Also how did you make the pages stacking effect in the book?


Thanks for your comment!
Yes, you’re right the table and the wall are looking unnatural. I think I was so focused on objects materials, that the background was left underdone.
I’ll definately work on table texture and the whole “wall”.
I’ll concider your advise about the lighting. Thanks for your idea with the window, I’ll try to do it, cause I wanted to achieve a real room lighting look, not studio one, but I used planes for it. :slight_smile:


“yes, I can believe that this is a real clock and a real smoking pipe” - Thank you! :slight_smile:

“The absence of shadow being cast by the legs seems a bit odd” - This is really odd, thanks for pointing at this. Playing with the lighting went a bit to far, aparently. I’ll fix this.

“The texturing of the bell, vs. the body of the clock” - The materials of the clock and its bell are absolutely different in real, maybe I’ll post the refference later as well.
Thanks for your comments! i appreciate it.


@ Michael_KimberNew User Thank you.
I draw the texture of the clock face in Gimp. Actually, it consist of two materials, one with the main texture and the other with the numbers on alpha channel.
The book pages are made just by adding an image texture with a normal map + slight displacement.
Very simple :slight_smile:

(C_Campbell) #8

table grain doesn’t look very distressed like clock or book leather…

(Malek) #9

Hi there, awesome work!

The modeling and texturing looks good to me, only the lighting is a little dark. Unless that’s what you were going for, a little more exposure to light could make everything look more real. Have you tried increasing the strength of your lightsources?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Guys, I thank you all for your comments and critiques, they were really helpful for me.
I think I finished this image. I’m not going to come back to it, at least in the nearest time, but still would be happy to know your opinion.

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(Jack) #12

Looking good. Very cozy.