[Critiques Required]Traditional Livingroom rendering


It is a modeling practice to build up my skills for doing archviz work in blender

The texture comes from poliigon.com

the white sofa books and trees outside comes from the blenderguru architecture academy courses

The rests were modeled by myself

Any Critique are very much welcomed

I’ll really appreciate to hear what you think about it,your suggestion will be really helpful

I found out 2 mistakes I made in this render

1.the books on the round table not properly arranged.

2.The flame in the FirePlace looks kinda fake,but I don’t know how to make it looks more natural

If you find out what I’m doing wrong,please point out with no hesitate.

Thank you very much

The close-up of snowball flower

The ribs on the vaulted ceiling (far left) are sticking out.
The fireplace is missing an ornament on the right side.

It’s a beautiful render. But I think the direct light is too strong. More GI.
Try an off center camera

Citing BlenderGuru: “Don’t have artificial lights turned on in a daylight scene”. It looks weird.

I agree with you about the lightning should be improved

I have a question about Off Center Camera, I can not quite understand what you mean

Thank you very much for your reply

Thumbs up!

Lol, It does look weired, Andrew is correct!

Thank you very much for the critques!

Sorry I meant that a camera angle right down the middle can usually be improved if you move it a little left or right. A little down is sometimes a big improvement also.