Critque My Portfolio

What do I need to improve so I can get a job as a cg artist? What can I do to be an attractive candidate.

temporary porfolio home:

To begin with, post pieces you want critiqued here on BlenderArtists. Secondly, when I went to your ‘temporary portfolio home’ it turns out to direct viewers to yet another site to see actual animations rather than still shots from the animations, and when I went to that site, none of the animations in your temporary portfolio were on the page.

I seriously doubt if you will get much feedback when you make it hard to view your work. I stopped looking. I am not going to spend my time searching through your YouTube site to see something you should be putting here in this thread.

Well I love ur site. Simple, to the point. Really great site. I’m not really qualified to critique most of your stuff. It is beyond my abilities as of yet. I have done the neon sign bit before and I think you could have done a much better job on that. Add some supports and some more glow from it. As it is, it could just as easily have been done in Ps. You’re interactive demo section loads slow and I have near 100Mb/s internet and an adequate machine for running it. Most won’t, and most won’t bother with it if it isn’t instantly responsive. But man ur 3d renders are beautiful. Ofc the log you have the necklace on is far too reflective, but all that could be purposeful artistic stuff I don’t understand.

as already mentioned, it’s a bit difficult to access you’re animations direclty on the portfolio.
You should change your link to:
because your current link shows your last activities.

Abstract Tree Animation:
It looks very interesting. I dont like the flickering effect (short impact of blackscreen) and i would make it a few seconds longer to actually see the final tree. Maybe a slow 90° turn of the final tree.

What if? Animation:
It’s way too short and looks pretty simple/boring. Maybe you could built a lightstreak that is building the letters? something like that to make it a bit more interesting.

Product Animation:
The lighting in this animation is okay, and the animation of the product is also fine. The camera control is way too hectical. The camera turns and flies at an incredible high speed and you have alot of cuts that happen in short time.

Fluid Simulation:
I dont know that this black liquid is supposed to be? It’s rendered in a pretty dark scene and you only have a handful screenshots. i could not find an video of it.

Modeling/WIP Section:
I would remove this section, because WIP stuff belongs to a blog/forum and wont be interesting for customers.
The Model of the Elephant (Dinosaur?!) with 4 horns is good. It’s a screen of adding skin details with a stencil? why?
The Lotus flower looks okay, i guess it’s still unfinished.
The Hand topology is not so good, however with subsurf it looks okay.
The magical tree render is awful. You have rendered it with a specular gridfloor and it’s hard to tell what’s actually shown.
The Helicopter/gyroscope Concept is clearly a WIP of the BlenderCookie Course “Modeling a Sci-Fi Vehicle”. Also unfinished.

3D Renders:
3 of the renders are screens from the animations. However they look nice, but i dont know if you really need them twice? maybe add them also into the Animations Section.
The Echanment pendent looks nice, but the tree trunk looks too glossy (like it was oiled).
The Interesting vantage point, well looks interesting hehe.

Interctive Demo:
Is not working for me.

That’s it. i think i saw everything and said everything.

Thanks! I’m making changes now! I lost a lot of good work when someone unexpectedly wiped my hard drive (living proof, back your stuff up!) So, I have no final renders showcasing any organic modeling… Therefore, I tried to find the WIP I posted on forums because I felt it was such and awful waste and sadly those screenshots were the only memorial I had of my lost works. I guess I can make some more?! But, I don’t have that kind of time any more… I can take the demo down.