Crits for my website.

I posted this here a while back, but I have made several changes to my page since then and I would like to know what you guys think. I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately and I want to make sure everything is in top notch condition. Please let me know what you think.



It’s a white page, with a bakground image on the text (which is known to make reading harder)

what are we ment to be crit?

And all tis time I thought you were Australian.

Can’t say I like the black on white either but I do like how fast it is (better than CGSociety!)


I agree with the black on white thing. On the up side the site is nice and clean. It’s not cluttered up with junk and is easy to navigate. It feels like you put some thought into the design.

I happen to like the white background. I think it makes it look clean and professional, and since the main focused content is images rather than text, people won’t come to the site expecting to do a lot of reading anyway. I personally don’t think the text is very hard to read.

Fligh %: LOL, no, I have never even been there.

I really made a point to make sure the page loads fast, even on a phoneline modem.

I don’t think the text is that hard to read, but I would lighten up the image some.

You might consider putting the Zachmedia text in some sort of frame and having the links be small buttons within the frame.

what are we ment to be crit?

Dude, that’s rood.

Ha, JK.

I like the simplicity of the layout and the white background. That’s why I think you should lose the grey square on the gallery-page, keep it like the other pages.
To give it a little extra, you could add 1 or 2 elements on every page (line, colour, shape,…), as long as you keep it simple.

Ow, the font of “zachgmedia” and “enter” on the startpage sucks a bit (especially in combination with that dropshadow (which could work with a different font)).


My crits: It has a scrollbar inside the page (not a good thing). The text seems to be inside a fixed-height table cell, which means that it doesn’t scale at all according to the browser window size (half of my screen’s vertical space is unused and I still have to use a scrollbar :|).

couple of random thots:

some pages (eg the PC building tutorial) don’t have navigation on them - user has to use the back button.

the gallery’s background doesn’t match. also, why is it split into two pages? why not put it in a scrolling frame, too? (and make yfkar. even more irked! :slight_smile: - I agree about the scrolling frame. It comes across as an attempt at artsy…)

um, why do you have your system specs in your resume? its supposed to be about you, not your (soon-to-be-outdated) hardware. Unless prospective employers get your PC, too? %|

be sure to intentionally set a white background for all your pages (the sequencer tute lacks it.) This is one of my pet peeves about site design: folks assuming that the default browser BR color of all their visitors is white (mine’s not, in case you’re wondering…) Are you not using a common style sheet for all your pages? And ssi for the menu/title headers?

…good work, tho, Zach. Don’t mean to be a downer - just pointing out some stuff. Consistency in the details is vital to your image.

Thanks for letting me know. That slips me up sometimes because my default color in both Dreamweaver and Firefox is white, so sometimes I forget to change it. Should be fixed now. Let me know if you see any more pages like that.

You’re probably right about the hardware specs. The only reason they are there is because I wanted a place to put them online.

intro pages suck, and yours doesn’t validate [no alt text on image]

[also an image map really isn’t necescary]

the menu at the top doesn’t look like anything unless I actually stop to read the text
[I actually saw it in the source before I saw it on the page]

lots of stuff doesn’t validate on your page, the tiny div in the center is annoying at 1600x1200 [and puny!]

your gallery looks cool, and functions as I’d expect

the first tutorial has large amounts of text, and no images? no diagrams? … [the paragraphs might be a bit long for the web, but I do the same thing]

… yeah, I guess that’s about it. It works fine in opera, but would have issues if I turned off images or something… [which I don’t… yet]

Navigations good and I’d have to say that you write in a clear and coherant manner.