Crits on new model please

Hey I have started a new model of a creature I made up, and I would
like to get some crits of how I’m doing so far…


you need to spend more time in the concept stage.

your obviously no modeling from refrence images, so maybe draw you character first then model.

There’s nothing wrong with not using reference images, the modeling is nice and smooth, but what kind of creature is he supposed to be?

Half of him is going to be humaniod and the other half is going to
be arachnid like so the legs and abdomin of spider.Lol I didn’t use
reference because I thought of the creature and just jumped on the computer, and I dont think I can draw all to well.A question slightly off topic, is it bad to not be able to draw all to well and be doing computer animation?

Yes, it is.

:stuck_out_tongue: No, that’s not bad at all, but I think it just helps a lot if you can do a simple sketch before you start modelling - it gives you a good impression of the size and the appearance of your character.

Thats a good point I have only used reference images on cars and buildings but never on anything organic…yet. It’s that I’m too lazy to draw the reference images.But I ganna have to so I can get an Idea on how to texture the creature.

I haven’t been able to get on the comp for a while (comp problems) so I have not had time to work on my new creature I have drawn reference images and this is what I have so far…

I’ll post more images and make them smaller so they dont take up to much space too…

ok here are the profile pics…

Looks good so far, my only crit is that the chest seems a bit flat. You might want to do something with that. :wink:

Hm, i think the same about chest. And about other muscles. If you look at the humanoid arm, it has a different shape from all the sides. You can’t just extrude four verticles ant smooth them. Chest has front muscles too… In fact you don’t need to know exact human anatomy, but don’t leave it like made from smooth bricks… Painting is a good way to understand shape :]

Btw, crits will push you to perfection %|

The arms seem to be stuck between the legs, move the whole body up a bit so they can move.
With spider legs the upper part (closer to the body) usually is thicker than the lower one, you have it the other way round.
I’d make the conehead smaller and/or move it forward, so that the center of its mass is above the neck, right now it looks impossible to hold in that position.

Weldertier, I don’t exactly know what you mean by moving the cone foward. Why wouldn’t the cone support if the base of the cone covers the back of the whole head?

About the legs I’ll do something with that and the chest and arms as well
but remember no human was a spike and a gatling gun on the end of it lol.
I’m only making a ficticious character.Btw I need some good ideas about
how to texture it I am a poor texturer. So any ideas on texturing would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for crits keep em coming!

ok I have tried moving the based of the legs back but I think it looks kinda
wierd…which should I try, move the front legs foward or leave them in the back like that?

I am going to have to remake the arms and I’m working on the chest too.

Ok here are the pics with arms and chest a bit more defined. Remember this is a first attempt at human muscle its a first humaniod character I have done and I am going to do a lot more in the future anyway here they are and the 3rd pic is the same as first but with sub surf set to 2.

the chest muscles could be a bit bigger, and also merge more smoothly with the rest of the body. The legs look… i dunno, but there’s SOMEthing about them. almost mechanical looking.
the tapered head is weird but kinda cool. Is it flexible? can it bend or move?

you know I dont know I haven’t decided it would be cooler looking if it was flexable I would think.