critter thingy

This is a critter who I want to animate walking around… I hope 3 or 4 days will be enough time to do it with motion blur on :slight_smile:

The hair has made an awsome transition from looking like pubic hair, as shown at:
(btw, I didn’t use any of the plugins for generating hair etc)

At this point, I realy have no idea what the back view looks like, though in the animation I’m just going to have it walk twards the camera after dancing a little, so it shouldn’t matter…

One thing I find intresting is that it seems in the reflection, the static particles don’t show up… a friend tells me they don’t relfect at all, so I think I’ll make the suroundings more organic later.

fun looking little guy… the hair is very nice.

waiting for ainimation.


Great hair on the guy. I couldn’t tell that there was any armpit hair on the guy or any Stucci texture on the ground until I saw the .blend though; you might want to make them more noticeable somehow. Maybe it’ll be better in the animation. I look forward to seeing it; good luck!

thanks alot :slight_smile:

I’ll probably animate it tonight and through school tomarow to get a rough idea of what it’ll be like so far… if it turns out right, I’ll make the animation longer and have it do some other things.

I have 3 days next week when I’ll be out of town, so I figure that will be a good time to do a more complicated animation :slight_smile:

I got the animation, though I forgot to do something relatively important, and thus it looks pretty funny.

It would apear my server is dead… if anyone knows of a place I can upload this, I would apreciate knowing said place :slight_smile:

One thing that may help render-times considerably is to animate only the figure, then composite him into the finished shot with the Sequence Editor. This is especially true if motion-blur is needed.

that and not using raytracing ^^ also rendering in another workspace helps because it doesn’t need to update the image for X.

I think I’m going to make the floor textureless for untill I get the animation good enough, wich then I’ll add fun sceanery etc.

the server is up again, so heres the animation:
the file size is a tad big though…

two things I’m not too fond of in the animation:

a) obviouse errors with the hair (forgot to bind it to the bones)
b) obviouse texture problems in the body…

How do I fix B?

---- Added ----
alright, fixed “A”, and removed the texture from the floor.
heres a screenshot of the last frame:
and I updated the blend on the server… look at the first post for the link.

aboot the animation

jon, it doesnt really look like mike, its more like…duff

at the beginning it goes young duff
at the end…old duff

whoops, i hope thats a potato in my pants