Whats up everyone, just thought I’d post my first ever finished blender project and see what ya’ll think. Its based of a creature one of my friends drew for art.

wow that was a failure…
lets try that again

That’s not too bad of a toon render for an early work. Not sure how well the texture works for it, though.

P.S. You don’t need to do a second post. You can edit your posts. :wink:

The eyes look good but he needs a new texture

Ya I like the eyes :smiley: Since it’s a toon render, you might consider just making it a single color.

I think he would look better without the procedural texture on him. Make him just a toon shaded color of green or blue :slight_smile: Very cute!

The thing with the texture is, the picture I was given of him has spots on it, and the closest I could think of was the clouds procedural texture. I’m not really sure how else I could get spots on the critter.

Use a bitmap! ^.^ draw your own spots grin