crituque needed

hello guys so i have a wip thread, and I think im very close to done. but need som more pushing to make it awsome.

here is the wip thread.

So what I do know is that im gonna do the eyelashes, since now its only a plane and im gonna do the eyebrowns a little thicker.

but besides that i dont know. I really want to push my self to do a great piece here and I was hopeing for some help.


This is great, she’s already got a je ne sais quoi that is great, especially the pose with the ball. I think with some tweaking you can get it to a new level. My top 5:

  1. The skin shader is too waxy, lower sss radius and add more diffuse. Also paint a subtle color map with some tonal changes and minor texture.

  2. The eyebrows. Just not working. For something this stylized you can definitely use an image texture.

  3. Eyes. Hard to say exactly where to go, but usually you go for really sharp (Even fake) white reflections. The border is too dark, and the edges too hard.

  4. Jean/pants material too glossy and plastic. Like the wrinkles, refine the ones you have and add more, aand on the hsirt too. Wrinkles are awesome.

  1. Arm band/shirt. I like the weird armband, but it is a little confusing, seems too thick and just makes you wonder, clear that up some, or just go overly ornate on the shirt with weird buckles and junk all over.

Great start, hope to see more!

hey photoX !: ) thx for the comment , are the eyebrowns to realistic ? , I was thinking on making “real” eyelashes, maybe wrong aproach ? ,

ah okay will work on the eyes. ye i do agree to glossy on the pants and i will work on more wrinkles. , ye the think is that she is suppose to be a guard, im gonna put text on the front side of the shirt saying like guard or her name plate etc.

maybe ad a baton.

okay so more diffuse on the skin u say, ill try that. :slight_smile:

cheers mate will come back with all the updates. :slight_smile: cheers …