Having loved the artwork on Terry Pratchett’s latest book, Wintersmith, I decided to start modeling one of the loveable Nac Mac Feegle. The Adrianna video tutorial was indespensable in allowing me to make it this far - I had it playing in the background and just adapted the shapes he was creating for my own rather different topology.
My reference image.
I think a little more definition on the side of the nose is needed. I’m also not entirely happy with the heavy brow - I just can’t see how to keep it heavy but less like a veranda…
I’m starting to work up the forehead, which I think should be higher. I’ve had a crack at the eyes, but it didn’t work out very nicely.
The final scene I have in mind is Rob Anybody posed on a wooden floor (perfect to get a sense of scale) with a sword in his left hand, pointing up at the camera with his right. And, of course, shouting ‘Crivens!’ at the top of his voice.

Hi there,

nice start, cool to know someone else is working on base of Paul Kidby’s artworks,

Keep it up i’d love to see those small Weeman jumping around.

I also had another idea for a video - doing something like Colin Levy did with his little hopping thing. It’d be pretty cool to have a Feegle running around my house :wink:
A small update before I go away for a few days:
I’m not entirely happy with the top lip. It needs to be thinner, but I keep making it too thin. More edgeloops, I guess. Plus, I need to rework the topology between the lip and the nose. At the moment, it’s not letting me get a proper shape on that region.

I won’t be much help there, I’m not that great at stuff like this. Looking good, though. Also, Terry Pratchett is awesome.

Hi Bakerman,

jsut one tip, don’t get stucked on details on a that early point of the modeling
in my opinion it’s much easier refining a completed model or shape than doing the half work doing refinements, then doing another part and refining again.

But it’s just a tip, i often make this mistake myself, to run in small details.

We could do a Discworld Model Repository sometime in the future :evilgrin:
If i sometime find the time to finish Errol my next discworld work will probably be Corporal Nobby Nobbs

very nice so far… keep it coming, i’m anxious to see him textured…

More progress! I’ve got myself a proper reference image (scanned the book cover) and am now working from it. It’s a huge help. I’ve got the lips more of the shape I want them, but they’re still not perfect.
I think I’ll be able to more easily get the flow of the cheeks near the lips once the rest of the cheeks are modelled. The other thing I need to improve is the bottom lip - it looks too much like a sausage! :stuck_out_tongue:

This project isn’t dead yet! It was just… resting.
I’m not really happy with the edge loops under the chin or at the edges of the mouth, but I’m making progress! I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going, this being my first head model that wasn’t an exact copy of the Adrianna tutorial…