Crixalis (a.k.a. Sandking)

I create this thing for DOTA mini challenge in indocg
(the prize only a sign under your avatar)
this challenge is low poly challenge
must be less than 5000 tris (but i’m using subsurf in the attachment)
you can find the real character in:

now i’m working for unwarping and texturing
any feedback are appreciated thank you


I been playing dota for years. Your SK looks awsome. I haven’t come across anybody who Blends and plays DOTA. Do you have a link to the original challenge? His body is more flat though from the front view. I would have picked a Naix or Phantom Assassin but thats just me.
Good work, i like it.

EDIT: I found the link to the challenge. That picture of Tiny looks good.

Four more legs may help your arachnid.

i’ already playing DOTA for 2 years
this is one of my favorite hero

flat? maybe because the arms and his pose
actually i want to create a bigger arm, but i think i already satisfied for now on
4 more leg? good idea but I want to stick with the original figure of sandking

thank you for your feedback, I just finish unwrap the model
the problem is my computer is to slow for sculpt :frowning:
actually i want to create normal map
but my computer can only handle less then 250000 poly
(i ever try up to 300000 but it’s very2 slow)

I bake AO in blender and use it as texture and the result is the image below
any feedback are appreciated thank you


Mmm… I thought this feature would come in handy. In edit mode hit alt-b and box the area you want to sculpt. Viola. Less faces showing and more power for one area. Hit alt-b again to see your whole mesh.

finally i decide to make separate file
each file contains each part of his body
and i will sculpt each part of the body
after that i will bake normal map and applied it into low res model

@zog34: thanks for the idea i ever want to try to create using this method
but once I add multiress and sculpt it, it still slow
so i decide using upper method

i will update as soon as possible i finish the whole body sculpt

lowpoly + subsurf lv2 VS lowpoly only
any comment or feedback are appreciated


Thats really impressive, and some great normal maps to:eek:

@Catboy85: Thank you

There are 4952 tris in my model on right hand side
it’s 2696 face in blender
(I count polygon as 2 tris)
I can’t find tool to count tris in blender
any idea? :confused:

Easy as pie. select all faces, press space, go to Edit>Faces>Convert to triangles, or press Ctrl+T :wink:


Still going with this? Your first two renders look a lot more like then the original SK. The last, not to say it isn’t good but doesn’t look like SK. How exact did they want it in the original challenge? I won’t comment too much, cause i know its not finished yet. And its the normal mapping.
Body= longer
Tail=higher, and more curved.
Claws=longer (forward)
Front head to flat, which could be the mid body not being long enough.
If you want it perfect.
Maybe i shouldn’t comment until the final result?
Still excellent though. Keep going with it.

@Catboy85: omg :eek: I think too much and I don’t realize I can count tris with that
Thank you once again :slight_smile:

@FloorPlay: it’s the same model with the first one with different material and angle of camera
somehow I got the material and I think it’s quite nice to use it to see the result of the sculpt
the material similar like zbrush material

I realize there is some mistake in my model but i cannot go back right now
I’m already in texturing stage and I’m running out of time
now I can only move forward :evilgrin:
thank you all for your feed back
I will post the color texture as soon i finish with it


  • color texturing around 20% - 30%
  • retopo the mesh(make the model close to subsurf version)
  • add hair and beard

i feel the progress so slow…
too much distraction :evilgrin:
any comment are appreciated
thank you


Sup K0h4n
The colour/texture u have used for his claws, the grey area looks about spot on! Are his front clippers finished though? Or is that the underlying texture becasue his clippers aren’t green. Anyway, i want a full screen saver sized render when this done!
Great job.

This is really excellent work!

@FloorPlay: ok no prob. I will put the high res link once i finish it. thank you very much

@BlendRoid: thank you

I just finish the leg
later i will update once I finish all or when I feel I need critique
thank you all
time to blast with full energy :evilgrin:

I just thought if you did another 5 hero’s like this and arranged them in a scene it would make a kick ass loading screen image. :slight_smile:

Great job it kinda has a windwaker touch like the boss on the fire lvl.

Very good. Nice use of the sculpt and normal mapping. My son used that method (slicing it up) to do a car recently.

It looks really good.

RFC(request for comment)
I’m not satisfied with the body texture
there should be a foot print in the sand and the tip of the leg should be push the sand
but I only have less than 2 weeks :eek:
I try as fast as I can to finish this thing
and I need your comment

@FloorPlay: I might finish 1 character for 2 months, 4 more means 8 more months :eek:
I will think about it

@darkscar888: thank you. Wind waker? fire level? is it a game?

@Tea_Monster: thank you. One weak point of slicing it is we cannot see the full figure
so we need extra imagination and sometimes one part is good does not mean when we combine it will look good(sometimes we have to do it again :()

thank you all
I will try to do my best :evilgrin: