Croaked lines on unwrap

Anyone know why when you unwrap something that is square that sometimes the uv map comes out skewed?
The vertical lines are not straight. Was there any fixes to this problem? It seems to happen in all Blender versions.
The test object is created from a cube but the unwrap shows edges that don’t line up.


For non-organic objects you’ll usually get a better unwrap by changing the unwrap method from the default ‘Angle Based’ to ‘Conformal’ You see the option to change this by looking in the toolshelf (T) or by pressing F6 immediately after you press unwrap.
Also very important for a proper unwrap ensure that the scale value for each axis is 1. Reset them with Ctrl+A in object mode.

Oh. First I heard of this one. Maybe I’ve wasted many hours unnecessarily, manually straightening thousands of edges. I just assumed the UV unwrapper couldn’t keep anything square anymore.

Thank you. That’s working.

Thank you! That problem had this newbie stumped for hours and hours. The scaling I had figured out but setting Conformal mode never occurred to me.

Is there any way of making Conformal the default, btw?

Not that I could find in the Python scripts. I was able to change a different screen but not this one.

It’s interesting how far Blender has come. And yet, no one has fixed this, nor has the unwrap been touched.