This is a rather old project. Just thought I’d show it to you guys to get some feedback.

Edit: Here’s the wireframe

Early wip

Node setup

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Sweet! Your character modelling skills are great. You haven’t quite nailed the expression, he kinda looks worried, sad or confused. Also a little heavy on the colours (turn down the saturation a bit) and the glow is overpowering as well.
I definately like the character though. He’s cool. Did you model the camera as well? It looks perfect!
Can we see wires?

Keep it up!
3.5 stars

Thanks for your comments redbyte. I’ll keep 'em in mind in my future work. I’ve posted the wireframe, check it out in the 1st post.


Thats great. Everything is awesome except the expression like red byte mentionned.

Thanks for passing by Borgleader.
I’ve posted an early wip image and the node setup in the first post, so check them out.