CromaKey Sprite Render

How could I render a 3d object with a pure Green (RGB 0,255,0) background that the object does not get anti-alaised too. I wish for the object to anti-alaise itself where it overlaps / joins tho. Just not to the cromakey background tho!.

I did manage to pull this off in an older build of blender a long time ago, but since then I have forgoten how to do it. Any pointers would be great.

Thanks in advanced! :cool:

Hey there.

You don’t need to chroma key. It’s your scene. You’re creating it all. You don’t have to matte out some background crap if you don’t want it, you just don’t put it in the scene, right?

But re: the background colors showing up in your reflections and showing through translucent materials, there’s two things:

  1. Save your file(s) in a format that saves alpha channel. And don’t forget to set it from RGB to RGBA.

  2. On the Render tab, at the bottom, there’s a line of 3 buttons… Sky, Premul, and Key… I bet you can guess what that last one’s for. :smiley:

Have fun, and try not to create extra work for yourself when you can help it.