i guys im working on a game called CROME i have olready made the character but i need to impruve it and give him some nice textures.
i will upload some pictures soon of the character

i have uploaded another picture of my character now the only thing to fix on my character are the arms and the texture i have already made some animations for the character and soon i will upload some videos of it

He looks cool, what sorta’ game are you making? Also, I think it’s Chrome - unless your talking about something else.

the pictures aren’t showing up for me?

thats weird

Well the name Chrome has already been used for a shooter. So crome might have to stay even if it was a typo.

I’m thinking of making a 2d or 3d fighting and adventure game

yeah but it isn’t the final name of the character i’m still deciding so it might change in the future in Crow or something else but if you have any ideas for the name or for the enemies let me know

this was the video that i made yesterday night before fixing my character,sorry for the poor video quality ,i was recording with camtasia so my computer got slower.

here is a video that i made yesterday og my character but now my character is improved and sorry for the bad video

looks nice ^^

soon i will upload a video that will show the run,jump(probably even combo animations)of the character

he’s really high-poly for a game

no this is only for the render but i have made 2 models of this character : one with subdivision subsurface and one without subdivision surface (low poly).

this is my first enemy for the game,i still need to make some textures for im,animations will be coming soon the only problem is that i don’t know what software i should use to record my screen

another update,this an incomplete sword that i will use in my game,it doesn’t have nodes or texture maps for now [ATTACH=CONFIG]178867[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]178868[/ATTACH]