Crooked UV's from a cylinder

Whenever I try to unwrap this segmented cylinder I get horribly crooked UV’s. I plan to texture this model and need the UV to be straight so I can properly add details to it.

I’ve tried changing the UV projection from Angle Based to Conformal, but that only outputs a worse UV.

A few ideas come to mind here …

First of all, I’d suggest cleaning-up some of the geometry at the base of the object (the “left side” of this shot). The geometry on the right is clean; the geometry on the left is not. It would literally be the work of just a few minutes to clean the left side up.

Then, you need to add some explicit seams and maybe some extra faces. For instance, that right-side half would be very easy to deal with if you put an edge right smack-dab up the middle of the face that’s closest to us, including the middle of that curved section leading up to it. (More or less “right where the middle-of-face markers are running right now.”) Select those edges and subdivide them once… presto. Then make that a seam.

Another good spot for a seam would be to “slice away” that complicated bottom portion.

Different areas of the model will need to be selected, then unwrapped individually using a projection most appropriate to it. The seam-placement is chosen to make that as clean as possible.

Align your view so that the cylinder is upright in it, and then ‘Unwrap - Cylinder from view’.

Best wishes,