Crop Burgers

This is my WIP for this week’s Weekend Challenge: It came from outer space.

I began modeling a few hours ago, and after a friend’s observation, decided to combine advertising with crop circles. I’ve tried a few methods to make the bushes look “fluffier”, yet maintain its firmness, but so far nothing has worked. Any tips? I’m hunting for textures that fit the scene, and will place them tomorrow.

Erm, I’m VERY sleepy right now, so I’ll do a meatier opening post during the day.
I’m trying to use static particles to get the grass effect working. However, the render times are increasing by a large margin. I’m also thinking of using AO for the shadows, instead of Raytraced sun lamps.
I also want to give the illusion of distance. Any tips on that?

Try using DoF(obviously faked with nodes)
Or, Make a little car or something, to give the eye something to compare to…

How about you use sun lamps and ambient occlusion. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s how they’re supposed to be used anyway.

I cleaned up the texture and particle work, and changed the lightning. It’s starting to look like my original vision of it. Besides cleaning up what’s already in the picture, what else would you guys recommend me I do?

free_ality - You were right, just having this placeholder car helped me feel the scale better. I’ll make a proper model later, and add maybe one or two other things.

BlackBoe - For some reason, I thought they canceled each other out or something. :stuck_out_tongue: