Is there an ability to crop in the Sequence editor or Compositor in Blender?

Hmm. No .blend attachments i guess.

Anyway I solved it myself [using blender CVS].

In the Compositor, wire up your image [sequence] to the bottom of an AlphaOver node. In the top imput of the AlphaOver wire up a RenderLayer consisting of black at the size of the desired crop (I changed the sky to black.)

That’s it!

A quicker/better way to do it is to go into the camera view hit CTRL+B draw the area you want, push the Border button in the render buttons & render away.

I’m not sure how that affects the cropping of the composite. Not only that, how would I set the pixel dimensions in a precise way?

Heh? Oh I forgot you need to press the crop button next to the file format.

You could set a image as the cameras background to help you draw your the area of intrest.

It’s all good! :smiley: