Cross Hatched Pattern - How to?

Hi All!

I’m very new to blender and I couldn’t find anything to help with the problem I’m having.

I’m modelling a chair that has a cross hatch pattern on the back… I have no idea how to model just the pack part of the chair.

I know how to model the pattern using arrays but I have no idea how to “glue” the pattern on the back of the chair.

What would be the right approach to model something like this? Modelling? Use texture? I’m lost.

I’ve attached some images …

Chair I’m modelling:
My Mesh:
I’ve also tried to create a bump texture:

Any help?!

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the forums. I’ve created stitching before using YouTube tutorials such as these in this search:

Also if you search for “fabric” on there are some textures that have a cross stitching pattern similar to what you are looking for. You could simply change some of the material properties to get the results you want. Such as the color.

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Thanks for replying icechest!

Do you think the best way is to use a texture instead of modelling the whole pattern?

I can model the pattern with no problems the only thing is that I don’t know how to attach the pattern to the back of the chair.

check these 2

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Hi Ricky, thanks for replying!

I can model the pattern, I just don know how to model it following the shape of the chair. Is there any way of model it separately and then make it fit into the back of the chair?

Thank you

you could try to use a curve to follow it
may have to use 2 curves depends on the shape!

possibly using a double shrinkwrap
but depend on the shape
check this one too if you use an array

happy bl

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If you use a Shrinkwrap modifier, it will squash your crosshatch part to a thin shell. To fit the crosshatched shape to the chair back, create a lattice with many divisions, except along the direction perpendicular to the back. Add a lattice modifier to your crosshatch part. Then add a Shrinkwrap modifier to the lattice with the chair back as the target. Make sure before hand that you’ve used Ctrl-A to reset the scale and rotation of the components.

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Hi Vince_Bly, thank you for replying…

I dint try your method yet I end up baking a normal map but i will definitely try your suggestion.

Thanks to all of you