Cross platfrom versions of a game...

Hi all. Im the head of modelling at a CG film company and a very fond user of blender. We’ve started a new film and are currently in the Previz stage of modelling. To get as little amout of changes back from the Director I created a tool called the “DirectorPrevizTool” which is a fancy way of saying making a game version of the previz set so the Director can move around freely in the set and check his cameras, set scale and locations. It works very nicely and is a great way to get feedback. The only problem is that some of the people (story board artists, concept artists) want to use it, but are using multiple platforms. I create the games on a 64-bit Windows platform, but that doesn’t work on a 32bit windows or Mac’s. Is there a way to create multi platform versions of a game?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, if you compile a runtime executable using the operating system that you want to use it on, that would work. Simply open the tool’s blend file on the OS, and compile a runtime. Give that runtime to all similar Operating Systems in your company.

@SolarLune: Thanks for the reply. Was afraid you might say that. The problem being that the set keeps updating…and there are multiple sets…which means that every time a set changes(which happens quite frequent) I have to run it on multiple computers. I can write a script for that though and just tell them to run it on their own machines…

split it up into severeal files:

  1. a start blend that is bound into the runtime. It can be very simple and does not change. All it does it loads and runs (with the game actuator) the
  2. content blend file, that contains your game and can simply be replaced by file copy.

This means you create the runtime once for each OS.
If you have an update you distribute the content blend file to each computer regardless of it’s OS (replacing the old file). Then restart the runtime and it is updated.

(As a side note: the content blend can have any licence, while the runtime is pure GPL)

I hope it helps

In addition, it should be possible to network the computers to load the blend file from a single external source, like a shared hard drive (may or may not be possible between different OS’s, but it should work). This way, you just overwrite the single blend file, and all runtimes will load from the correct, updated, file.

Thanks guys!
@ Monster: I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Sounds like dynamic loading? Which I haven’t tried out with an .exe of the game engine. But definitely a good idea. So just to make sure I understand you…
A base file with the basic camera and all needed scripts…
A second file of each set that is then dynamically loaded into the base file. So you just save over the old .blend file and the game engine then loads the new .blend file?
Oh, wait…just checked your msg again. You referring to actually start the game via the actuator…haven’t tried that before. We learn something new every day! :slight_smile: Thanks…will try that!
@Solarlune: I have got the file currently on the server…so when I update the .exe anyone can open that.

And now for the sad news…tried making a runtime with the director’s Mac, but when you click “Save as runtime” nothing happens. Any ideas?

Please check the console and see if there are any errors. Mac keeps giving me trouble… Hopefully soon I’ll have a functioning OS X environment so I can do some more direct testing. My last virtual machine attempt turned into a mess…