Can anyone tell what it means to cross-post on here?? I think my thread got closed because of it

When you don’t know a piece of slang, the best place to search is urbandictionary.

Cross posting can mean a couple of things:

  • Posting the same message in different subforums
  • Posting the same message on different Bulletin Boards

Depending on what it is, it can be considered self-promoting spam.

In your case it was ‘Dream (Short Film),’ and it’s because you posted the same thing in both animations and finished projects. Whilst it fits equally well in both categories, you should only post it in one. I would probably have picked just the ‘Finished Projects’ forum. If you want to ask the moderators about it, go to the closed thread, and look for the little triangle with an exclamation mark in the bottom left of the post (you should probably pick the first post). Then you can write a short message to the moderators, and ask for more details why it was closed, and whether they could switch which one is closed, or perhaps to merge the threads. In the past, I’ve found moderators friendly. They are real people you know.

ohhhh i see now thank you. Ive done that before but nothing happened so i thought it was ok to do it, but now ik that its not ok. Thx!

And I originally meant to post it only in the finished projects forum, but something happened to the link. So i had to use a different but equally relevant thread

You can edit posts (ie to fix links) with the edit post button the the bottom right of any post you make.

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