Cross section script ported to 2.6

Hi All.

I have ported the 2.4 Cross Section script to 2.6 and Yorik been great and turned it into a nice addon!
The original script is made by Yorik van Havre, Alejandro Sierra, Howard Trickey and Campbell Barton.

Bear in mind that this is my first dabble with python and the blender API so there might be unforeseen bugs.
And I have further ideas for it (yet these will have to wait quite a while till I get some holiday time again).


  • constraint section to only cut inside section planes area.
  • Make it work with multiple section planes (faces in one object).

Hope you like it.
Feedback + bugsreports are always welcome.


PS. Sorry Suzanne

really nice addon!

as an idea, maybe you could make this cut away everything from one side of the plane and the the rest on the other? The actual math should be the same.

Very Cool, Ejnaren, and great hello to Yorik of my part!
I waited it for so long…so happy and eager to use it!
Great congratulations to you all.

Very Nice Script Thank you

nice script.thanks

Bugreport: Doesnt connect those vertices to face.
Objects: Diamond and 4 vertices plane.

Hi. Can you post a blend file?

Apparently there have been several of the same scripts. And that silouette addon is very cool as well!

Sometimes all vertices are not connected.

Blend file:


there is a bug somewhere. But this Script is deprecated. It is by far better to use the new section tool of blender itself.

Ok, Bisect is pain if you need cut specific angle or starting from certain vertex.

I know. I heard they are working on a solution for that though.