cross section with curves

I want to make a cross sectioned curvy table leg and join the circles together with Ctrl+J. I found a spray bottle tutorial a while ago using cross sections but I can’t remember where I saw it. I searched google and wiki - nothing.

Which curves do I use? What’s the difference between the curves in the Curves submenu and the Surface submenu? Which ones work for joining cross sections?

The Nurbs Circle in the Curves submenu doesn’t let me duplicate on any other axis than the one that it’s already on. Can I change that somehow?

This is frustrating! :frowning:


Here is some instructions,
should work for table legs.

in top view

add > surface > nurbs circle

in front and top view

scale it to a cross section and move to correct
point in space.

in top view

while in the editing mode
add > nurbs circle

repeat adding nurbs circles moving and scaling them
untill you got all the cross sections.

then select them in edit mode and press F key to form the surface.

Thank you so much, it worked! :smiley:

The only thing I’m still wondering, what would you use Ctrl+J for?

EDIT: One more thing. How do I make the whole thing a regular mesh?

  1. to join Surface Curves if each were added in Object mode and they were thus seperate Objects.

  2. Alt-C


I’m getting an error when I hit Alt+C. It says it cannot convert to mesh. :-?

Could you please upload the file here:

and I’ll take a look at it.


It’s called kitchen_10u.blend

The one on the right I used F to join them together but I can’t get it to be a normal mesh so I can UV texture it with UV Face mode.

The one on the left (not a mesh yet), I tried hitting Alt+C with all of them selected, and that’s where I’m getting the error.

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

For one on the right Alt + C converted it to mesh and
the left one, that needed something like:
Ctrl + J
Alt + C
And few times changing between object and edit mode.

So both i got to such that were uv mappable.
Jules, do you have an older version of blender?
If you do i suggest downloading and installing the
latest version.

I eventually got it to turn into a mesh, and I just downloaded the newest version, thanks. :smiley:

I tried to do this tutorial: (founded in

But the Ctrl+J moves all the curves to Z=0.
This is a bug?

I’m using WXP and Blender 2.41

The answer: