Cross Sword

I just made a weapon for the weapons contest i would really like some feedback on my sword and tell me what i need to improve this model


The grip for one is too thin.

The pommel also need some loving. Make it more fancy since the sword is fancy.

Well, overall, the design of each individual part of the sword mismatches with each other. It looks like each part was taken from different swords then put together to form another sword. A Frankenstein monster construction? This needs to have a more unified design.

Hi Kwames,

Try keeping the spacing of the details on the hilt uniform. Also those details are reminiscent of a katana grip but the width of the blade is more akin to a western sword so I would suggest either: 1) making the hilt wider and finding a different decoration if you’re making a western style (broadsword) blade, or 2) going with a full katana design with a slimmer blade. For the blade, I would suggest using a Cycles metallic shader perhaps and toning down the colors so it looks more like a colored metal than plastic. Otherwise, it’s a nice creative design.