this is my second works ever on blender…obviously still in progress…but i think it’s ready for constructive critiscism :wink:


Nice simple image. I like the tattered cloth, and the way you’ve got it hanging, with just a hint of a breeze.
But something about the light is bothering me, but I can’t quite work out what. It seems the light is coming from the left, possibly from a setting/rising sun. Maybe the colour of the main light should be more pink/purple, to match the sky. And I think there should be a shadow of the cross going off to the right?
How is the horizontal beam fixed to the vertical one? I would expect to see some nails or rope binding them together.

ahh yes…i was gonna add some nails to hold it together…and as for the lighting, i didn’t take very long on it…the whole thing i slapped together in like 20 min…but i want to make it into something a little more whole…maybe should use ropes instead of nails…and then toy with the lighting