Crossed legged pose for 3d printing

I have a rigged mesh female figure that I am trying to pose in a crossed legged position, for artwork but also for 3D printing. I am having a hell of a time trying to pose and not get major deformations in the butt and knees. I’ve worked on the UV weights trying different things and also followed along with the advanced deformation series by dan pro on youtube but I’m super new to this and not sure what I’m missing. Can I pose as best I can then go into sculpt to fix the resulting deformations? Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!! At this point I’m open to just buying an advanced rig as well since I’ve spent a crazy amount of hours on this haha, if anyone knows of a good one.

Yes, for 3D printing, that’s exactly what you should do.

Not surprised that crossed legs are giving you trouble, most models/rigs aren’t really designed for that, for a number of reasons. (Strong thigh twist combine with relatively sharp angle of thigh relative to spine, 90+ degree knee bend, and the shapes depend on legs that are in contact squishing each other. All adds up to recipe for armature failure.)

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Thank you so much!